16 Frequently Asked Questions about Toyan engines | Stirlingkit

16 Frequently Asked Questions about Toyan engines | Stirlingkit

16 Frequently Asked Questions about Toyan engines | Stirlingkit

1.What are the necessary components for the engine to start?
Igniter, hot spark plug (Methanol Version) or spark plug (Gasoline Version). Starting requires a fuel tank and a 7.4V 3000mAh 30C starting battery.

2.What are the differences between the Gasoline Version and the Methanol Version?
Differences include the Cylinder Sleeve, Compression Ratio, and Carburetor.

3.Can the Gasoline Version and Methanol Version be used interchangeably?
The Gasoline Version can burn methanol, but the Methanol Version cannot burn gasoline.

4.Does a single engine come with an igniter?
No, none of the Gasoline Version and Methanol Version come with an igniter.

5.Is it only the model that cannot start?
No, it can start.

6.Is it necessary to add engine oil?
Yes, for both the Gasoline Version and Methanol Version.

7.Does the engine require lubricating oil?
Yes, lubricating oil is needed for all friction surfaces, including piston pin, small & big end of the connecting rod, camshaft, and rocker arm.

8.Is the compression ratio higher in the Gasoline Version or the Methanol Version?
The Methanol Version has a higher compression ratio.

9.Does it come with a screwdriver?
No, it does not come with one. The assembly version comes with a built-in auxiliary tool.

10.What is the specification of the silicone oil tube?
It measures an inner diameter of 2.5mm, and an outer diameter of 4.5mm.
The tube measuring an inner diameter of 4mm, an outer diameter of 6mm is used for connecting the spark plug and igniter.

11-1. V800W Carburetor Adjustment Suggestions
(1)Ensure synchronous installation of the intake openings of both throttle pillars. If there is a significant difference, it may increase the difficulty of adjusting the needle.

(2)It is recommended to dismantle the exhaust pipe to better feel all cylinders under different exhaust pressures and conditions.(When feeling the exhaust pressure in person, maintain a safe distance to prevent burns from high-temperature gases.)

(3)Tighten the main & auxiliary oil needle to the minimum. Loosen the auxiliary oil needle by 2-2.5 turns.For a new engine, it is suggested to set the main needle at 4-5 turns for a slightly rich mixture to assist in breaking in. Adjust the minimum air intake to 1.5-2.0mm at idle.

(4)Place the throttle at the minimum opening to better suck fuel into the cylinders. Start the engine and keep the throttle at 30% to stabilize.

(5)If there is weak exhaust or intermittent explosions of carburetor on the side of the cylinder, adjust the corresponding main needle, clockwise in 15° increments until it approaches the status of other cylinders. Adjust the cylinders in order from the least optimal combustion to the best, clockwise.

(6)If one cylinder has a faster exhaust speed and higher temperature than the others after starting, adjust the main needle of that cylinder counterclockwise to achieve even performance.

(7)When all cylinders are adjusted to a basic consistent condition, smoothly accelerate and decelerate the throttle, listening to the sound to determine lean or rich fuel conditions. For lean oil, adjust the auxiliary oil needle clockwise in increments of 20° each time, and counterclockwise for rich oil.

(8)After adjustment, clean and reinstall the exhaust pipe after the engine cools down.

Notes: Due to the shared characteristics of two carburetors among eight cylinders, adjusting one carburetor may affect the conditions of other cylinders.
Therefore, adjustment requires patience, multiple attempts, and skill acquisition through experimentation.

12. How can I distinguish the Gasoline version from the methanol version? I have not found a way to tell the two versions apart. 

The essence of the Toyan engine is that it does not distinguish between methanol gasoline versions. However, it should be noted that different versions of engines require different starting accessories. In other words, if you buy a Toyan methanol engine, you need to choose starting accessories that are suitable for methanol engines, and you need to use methanol fuel when starting the engine. On the other hand, if you buy a Toyan gasoline engine, then you need to choose starting accessories that are suitable for gasoline engines, and you need to use gasoline when starting the engine. The most essential difference between a Toyan methanol engine and a gasoline engine is on the flywheel or check whether there is a magnet on the cam. Under normal circumstances, the one with magnets is the Toyan gasoline engine. Because there is a magnet on the flywheel to induce induction with the Hall sensor, CDI can be used. Otherwise, only methanol and the ignition module can be used. But later Toyan started to make new attempts. You can see that most of the recent new Toyan engine products have distributors. Since the distributor has magnets, in this case, even methanol engines can use gasoline. The flywheel, cam, or distributor can all have magnets. It shows that a magnet must be used to generate Hall induction when starting a gasoline engine. Without a magnet, it is a methanol machine.
13.How to start a single cylinder engine? 
14.How to start a twin-cylinder engine?
15.How to start a four-cylinder engine?
16.How to start an eight-cylinder engine?


  • FRANK C. AMBROSI, Ph.D.: May 29, 2024

    Hello, Stirlingkit:
    3 years ago I ordered a TOYAN L400 engine. Unfortunately it was lost in shipping. I finally received it on 4/15/2024, in the original, still UNOPENED package. What other additional parts and accessories am I required to purchase in order to complete the set to RUN? i.e. Igniter kit, Base, etc.
    Thank you in advance for your help in solving my dilemma.

    Sincerely, Frank C. Ambrosi, Ph.D.

  • Aidan K: February 29, 2024

    I have the semto 2 cylinder and I have been trying to figure out what grease to use in the valves but i have not found anything online about what type of grease is recommended. Is there a specific grease needed? What is that grease?

  • Harold Goddijn: January 05, 2024

    This very helpful! How can I distinguish the Gasoline version from the Ethanol version? I have not found a way to tell the two version apart. Thanks

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