What's Enjomor Inline four DOHC Engine? -Stirlingkit

What's Enjomor Inline four DOHC Engine? -Stirlingkit

What's Enjomor Inline four DOHC Engine? -Stirlingkit

Enjomor is the brand new manufacturer of engine models. Enjomor is keen on producing for a diverse array of engines for rc cars, rc boats, rc tanks & rc trucks for the past few years and thought highly of by the customers all over the world. Enjomor is a brand, which loves to collect and listen to customers' feedback and update his engines based on it.

Enjomor released an inline four DOHC engine on April 7th, 2021 and pre-order it in stirlingkit.com

One of our customer Mr. Lorenzo, at the first sight of Enjomor Inline four DOHC Engine, said, " Undoubtedly it is an improved product compared to the previous one (Toyan or Baxter), very important is the management of the valves, the addition of the third band to the pistons. If I can suggest future improvement, add bushings to the connecting rods."

What's New on Enjomor Inline four DOHC Engine?

1. DOHC Design: DOHC stands for Dual or Double overhead Camshaft. The intake valve and exhaust valve are arranged on two camshafts.The engine adopts a four-cylinder, four-stroke, eight-valve design, and DOHC control the intake and exhaust valves respectively, with stable performance, stronger and more stable power output.Timing is easy to adjust. 

Compared to the structure of SOHC, DOHC engine burns more fully and allows more fresh air go into the engine, and it also has a better the emission efficiency. It's famous for its high sportiness, good stability, and low noise. 

DOHC engine animationEnjomor 36cc I4 DOHC 4-cylinder Inline Four-stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Engine with Twin Overhead Camshafts for RC Car Boat

2. Perfect Cooling System

It's equipped with an external water-cooled pump, which can effectively cool the engine down when it's overheated because of its perfect cooling system.

3. Well-designed Oil Pan

Different from Toyan or Baxter engines, the oil pan is attached to the bottom of the engine with bolts, which can better help oil circulate around the engine when started.  Because it's the reservoir for oil that gets pumped throughout the engine to lubricate, clean and cool moving parts.In this case, it can better reduce the chance of spills.

4. Easy to Start Up:

In order to start the engine more easily and smoothly, it does not only use a hall-type CDI pulse electric ignition design, but also equipped with a large torque starter motor. 

Note : the starter kit is not included. You need to buy it yourself. (buy it here: https://bit.ly/3tBes3b) To start this engine, you need 4pcs sparks plugs, 12-24v brushless ESC (40-80A recommended), fuel ank, oil tube, Hall type cdi pulse igniter,governor & water cooling accessories. The Base is not included.

if you want to buy them one by one, pls check the list below:
2771289 Spark plug*4
3228799 12-24v brushless ESC*1 (40-80A recommended)
2772721 Fuel tank*1
3095027 Tubing*1
3095026 (Water pipe*1 Water cooling row (condenser)*1 Water cooling fan*1
3073804 6-12v Hall type cdi pulse igniter *1 (or Hall type automatic angle advance cdi pulse igniter)
3228800 Governor *1
Optional accessories: engine base*1


5. New Three-ring Design

The piston adopts a simulated three-ring design for a better combustion efficiency, including a tapered gas ring and an oil ring. The top and second rings press tightly against the cylinder wall and seal the combustion chamber, keeping combustion gases in and oil out. and the oil ring scrapes oil off the cylinder wall on the way down the cylinder, depositing it back into the oil sump. 

Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC 4-cylinder Inline Four-stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Engine with Twin Overhead Camshafts for RC Car Boat

From the perspective of sealing, the first ring has the best sealing performance, and then the second ring, and the oil ring is the worst; as for  lubrication, the oil ring distributes oil, and the second ring scrapes oil; from the heat conduction angle, the first ring is the strongest. The second ring is stronger The oil ring is the last. The three rings are preferably distributed at 120 degrees, and the angle between the opening of one ring and the piston pin is not less than 30 degrees. The ring and the ring cannot be interchanged, because the shape of the ring is not the same. The first ring of the oil machine is mostly a barrel surface ring, and the second ring is a tapered ring. The marking surface including the piston ring cannot be installed reversely, otherwise it may be possible. Burning oil appears.

In general, the three-piston ring of the engine plays a role of sealing and heat conduction. The first ring seals about 80-90% of the gas, and the second ring seals about 10-20% of the gas. The oil ring Seal about 5% of the gas. About 70% of the heat on the piston is introduced into the cylinder liner through the end face of the piston ring. Among them, the first and second rings play a leading role in heat conduction, thereby ensuring the thermal balance of the piston.


Some Photos from our engine testers

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Photos of our First Sample Engine

 Note: below are the photos of our sample. there might be a little changes during the massive production because we need to update it.

Any questions pls contact service@stirlingkit.com or monacai1818@gmail.com

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  • victor parrett: August 14, 2021

    Hello .
    I am expecting delivery of one of these engines ,from amazon as i live in the UK
    You had mentioned that there was an issue , may i enquire as to what it is as so i can prevent an early failure,as i was hoping to power a 1/6 tank with it
    Thank in advance .
    Victor parrett

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